Week 4 Post: Youtube research

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YouTube. They designed the site to let people share videos with the rest of the world.

As the company has grown, so has the scope of the videos on the site. In the early of YouTube, you could find videos showing interesting locations, crazy stunts and hilarious pranks. You can still find that sort of content today, but you’ll also see politician debates, musical performances, instructional videos and unfiltered war footage. In 2007, YouTube even provided members with a way to interact with potential United States presidential candidates. YouTube members submitted video questions, and CNN featured some of them in Democratic and Republican candidate debates.

How does this can help people with disablilities? We can show videos of them working normally just like a normal human being. Youtube are designed to shared with people to let them hear and see.


Week 3: Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

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Today Im going to evaluate the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

Web 1.0 is  like a billboard or a magazine. You can see lots of billboards, buy lots of magazines, enjoy or dislike them but they stay the same until they are changed by the publisher.Web 1.0 is like a kind of platform where there are new releases of it. But there is nothing like a new release for the existing ones in web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a kind of service oriented. Web 1.0 was about publishing, not participation; that advertisers, not consumers, ought to call the shots; that size mattered, and that the internet was increasingly being dominated by the top websites.

Web2.0 is one that are “user-generated” or “user-shaped”. Instead of being “published” by someone, the people using the site “publish” the content. They also market it and edit it. Some examples are Flickr for photographs, Wikipedia for encyclopedia articles, Facebook for maintaining friendships, YouTube for seeing young people mugging to videocameras and Answers.com for combining syndicated elements of these with its own user-generated Q&A section. Web 2.0 helps to increase the participation of the users like blogs, e-commerce websites, torrents etc, where every user gets a chance to publish in a website one way or the other.

Week 2 Post: Website Review

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Today Im going do a website review of Bizlink as it is their only online presence,

So lets get started !

Bad things about the website

– It is a Web 1.0 website

– Website looks unprofessional

– Background and graphics looks boring

Good things about the website:

– The description of the organization is stated

– The content are rich

– Three clicks to anywhere

The problem with Web 1.0 is that the outdated and existing information cannot be replaced. So how do they attract audience when the informations are outdated.

The graphics looks boring and unprofessional. Lots of white spaces too.


Truthfully, when I was going through the website I didnt pay much attention to it because it is too wordy and the graphics are bored.

This website seriously need to be upgraded to attract more audience.

Week 1 Post : Introduction

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Today, Im going to do a brief introduction to my NMT project and the organization we have decided.

My group consists of Myself, Jun Shan and John.

The organizaton we have chosen is Bizlink.

Bizlink is an organization that have three main services: people with disabilities, potential employers and businesses. Their slogan is “Employment for People with Disabilities”.

People with disabilities, they provide various programmes to help clients in securing employment opportunities such as the Production Workshop. Production Workshop serves as a trial area for people with disabilities undergoing job preparation and training. Some example of services they provide are letter-shopping and mailing service, packing of products, assembly work, data entry secretarial,  service telemarketing, cards and many others.

For employers, there is a service where you can let them know your simple requirements and their placement officers will contact you for a follow-up and better understand your recruitment needs.  If required, their placement officers will also conduct a job site evaluation to assess which disability type is suitable for your current building or premises.

For businesses, they provide employment for the needy disadvantaged, eg PWDs, the elderly, long term unemployed, recovering mental patients, ex-offenders, etc.

They have retail stores located at Plaza Singapura, Vivo City and SCAPE that sell gifts made by the people with disabilities. People can buy it online too through their website.

PS: Information taken from their website (http://www.bizlink.org.sg/)

New Media Landscape

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Two speakers, Tan Kian Ann and Lionel Chin came to share their expertise and experience in web development with us on 11 January. Tan Kian Ann is a blog marketer based in Singapore while Lionel Chin is the co-founder of Ripplewerkz.

The first speaker told us about Interruption Marketing which refers to pop-up advertisement. It is one of most common type of marketing. So how does Interruption Marketing works? It literally interrupts you when you are doing something, example, user surfing the net when an pop-up advertisement appears.

The second speaker told us about web designing. He work with big clients and earn big bucks.

I have learned that the working society is harsh, you get to meet all kinds of people and it is not easy to survive out there. I have also learn that what direction I can be heading in the future such as what kind of jobs I could get. Lastly, I think that it is useful to have the speakers to share their expertise and experience with us so that we can be prepared for it.


Museum Trip

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Two of my favourite exhibits in Asian Civilisation (ACM) are  the West Asia Galleries and Congo River: Arts of Central Africa.


They had an interactive game whereby people can learn to write Arabic words by tracing it on the screen with a pen. It is a good way to interact with the user beacause through hands-on activities, people can understand the exhibit better.

They had an interactive table with some masks equipped with sensors. When placed in a certain position, the mask  will have a speech bubble on the table to introduce itself. When two masks are placed together, the masks will have a conversation and from there you can know where the masks came from.


My suggestion would be creating an iPhone app whereby it will help you navigate around the museum and show information about each exhibit. An iPhone app would be appropriate as majority of the people are using iPhone now and most of all, you wouldn`t need to take brochures to help you tour around the museum beacause everything you need is in your hand.

Digital Marketing refers to the promoting of brands using all forms of digital advertising to reach consumers. This now includes television, radio, internet, mobile and any other form of digital media. Digital marketing budgets are expected to increase steadily during the next few years which are good news for those hoping to break into the market.

Digital media across the world is getting more and more popular thus digital marketing has become a key driver for growth in any progressive company or organization. Many companies in Asia have already secured the services of an experienced digital marketing agency to help them benefit from the full range of innovative promotional opportunities now available to businesses large and small. This shows that there is a rising demand for digital marketers.

I chose this article because it is sharing tips for those who are aspired to become a digital marketer. It will be interesting as digital media has gradually become part of our life and I’m sure it will have a big impact in our very near future.



With a degree in marketing or communication surely takes you a distance, but majority of the employers are looking for people with marketing experience. Experience can come from previous job, internship or side project. If you are still a student or graduates, the best way to gain experience is to do an internship at a company or agency that has a department which focuses on digital marketing. You can search for marketing internships through search sites, social media sites or even Twitter. Having marketing experience makes it easier for you to break into the market.



Online Presence

A person`s online presence can be a deciding factor whether an aspiring digital marketer makes the cut for a job. The person with the stronger online presence will most likely get the nod. “Your online clout is sometimes referred to as ‘social currency’ which can be regarded as a great resume if the value is high.” You can nurture your personal online presence through Facebook, Twitter and Blogs etc.


As we all know, the digital marketing is ever-changing. If we don`t keep up with the latest news, you are at a disadvantage when you go for a job interview. Understanding the consumer behaviour and staying ahead of that by learning what`s in the market are keys to getting a job in the digital marketing. Getting a job in the digital marketing, you will have to keep up with the market as everything is changing at a lightning pace.


Digital Marketing is the most effective way  of advertising that any big companies relies on. In order to stay ahead of the pack, people have to rethink their strategies and come out with more tactics. Many people must be vying to get a digital marketing job as digital media plays a part in our life. In fact, digital marketing has come a long way and is just getting started.